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August 27th - All Staff Celebration
**This message is for our staff - we look forward to seeing our students on August 30th for the 1st Day of School!**

To all of our LCSD Staff,

We will be having an All Staff Celebration on August 27th from 9am-Noon. Our theme this year is “Proud Product of Public Education”. This event will be held at Silver Stage High School (SSHS) and will include all of our employees.

We have a great motivational speaker, Sam Glenn, who will be presenting to us and starting our year out on the right foot. We loved our time with you two years ago at this event and we are already excited to do it again in a couple of weeks. We are also fortunate to have sponsors help us out this year and some of them will be present starting at 8:00am and staying until 1:00pm and we encourage you to stop by their tables and thank them for their support. Some of them may also have products in which you may be interested.

A couple notes of business for this event:

-There will be a bus available leaving from your area if you would prefer to ride with your staff as well as save on gas. This will be arranged through your school principal’s secretary and local bus yards. If you are interested in riding the bus, please contact your school to sign up for the bus as well as to get details of where/when the bus will run.

- If parking runs out at Silver Stage High School, you are welcome to use SSMS/SSES for overflow parking across the street.

- If you are on contract that particular day then you will already be arranging with your supervisor to join us for the fun.

- If you are not contracted this particular day then you are invited to join us if you would like and submit your time worked on a timesheet through your supervisor/school secretary for payment of this time. Please see your supervisor if you have particular questions in this regard.

- We will be providing Lyon County School District t-shirts and if you would like to pick them up early and wear them to the event, then please stop by your school on Thursday (8/23) or Friday (8/24) to get your shirt. If you are able to pick up your shirt before the event then please arrive no later than 8:45am for the event. If you are unable to pick up your shirt early, they will be available at the event and will be arranged by size for you to select a shirt. Please arrive no later than 8:15am to make sure you have your shirt and are ready for the start of the event at 9:00am. We encourage all to wear the shirts at the event.

Again, we are excited to spend time with you and we hope you enjoy the time with your colleagues and some of our students before they all return on August 30th. We look forward to seeing you all there!
  • 31 HS Graduates from LCSD with Associate's Degrees!
Welcome to Lyon County School District!
Welcome to Lyon County School District!

We are Lyon County School District located in Northern Nevada.

Our vision... Graduate all students to be successful in college and career.

Our Mission... Provide relevant learning opportunities that develop adaptable, persistent, and self-directed learners capable of creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking necessary to overcome complex challenges.

Lyon County School District, with over 8,500 students and 1,100 staff members is the fourth largest school district in Nevada. LCSD is comprised of 18 schools located in five unique attendance areas including Dayton, Fernley, Silver Springs, Smith Valley and Yerington. Each school boasts highly qualified instructional leaders accompanied by caring and dedicated staff, who work tirelessly to ensure the learning needs of each student are realized. The district motto of “Every Student…Every Classroom…Every Day” comes to life when you step into the classroom and see students engaged in rigorous learning opportunities.
Lyon County Limelight!
Safety and Security Measures
Student and staff safety is the number one priority for all schools in the Lyon County School District (LCSD). Administrators and staff members work diligently every day with students and families to provide a positive, safe and respectful learning environment. Each school in the LCSD has created a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan that has been specifically designed for that school by the school’s safety team, and includes appropriate measures for a variety of emergency situations. Additionally, these plans have been reviewed and approved by local law enforcement and emergency response agencies. Further, each school conducts safety drills to practice these safety measures on a regular basis, often times with the assistance of the aforementioned agencies. Finally, the LCSD is currently installing the Audio Enhancement SAFE System in every classroom in the district. This system includes a camera and a silent alarm that can discretely notify the office of any emergency situation. This coupled with the facility safety enhancements being performed now and into the summer will make our schools safer than they’ve ever been. We encourage community members, parents and students to contact school staff immediately to report all safety concerns and to request any needed support. The LCSD is grateful for the efforts of community members, first responding agencies and staff members in protecting our most valuable asset, our students.


3 months ago

Nevada parents, let your voice be heard.

The Nevada Report Card website is a single source for information about the schools across Nevada. The website has student achievement data, rating information graduation rates, student teacher ratios and much more.

The Nevada Department of Education is open to feedback on the functionality of this site and having the voice of parents and community as its core. Please participate in the community feedback survey. Go to

Thank you in advance for your willingness to engage in this important activity to improve the Nevada Report Card of which we can all be proud. 

Parents Survey

Parents of current students are encouraged to take this statewide survey regarding Educational Technology in your child's school. 

Students Survey

Greetings LCSD Families! We will be administering the NV School Climate Survey for all 5th through 12th graders from March 19-April 20.  This is an invaluable tool to assess the school’s climate and safety from the students’ perspectives.  School leaders will use the results of this survey for future planning to improve the school climate and safety conditions of the school.  We would greatly appreciate all 5th through 12th grade students’ participation.  However, if a parent wishes to review the survey, and decides they do not wish for their child to participate in this survey, they may sign the parent letter indicating they DO NOT want their child to participate, return the form to the office, and the school will find an alternative opportunity for the student while their classmates are taking the survey.  A sample survey is provided as well as the parent letter.  Thank you for your consideration.

Sample Student Survey

Parent's Letter and Opt-out