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Lyon County School District FAQ

3 months ago

LCSD Student Engaging in Math Demonstration with white board and chips
For the most detailed information on our school district please see our 2016-17 State of the District.

How many schools are there in LCSD?

18 in 5 communities

5 communities: Dayton, Fernley, Silver Springs, Smith Valley, Yerington

What is the total enrollment in LCSD for 2016-2017?

Total Enrollment 2016-2017: 8,322 

Total Enrollment 2016-2017 including Pre-K, etc.: 8,635 

What are LCSD's Demographics?

White:  63.39%

Hispanic:  25.16%

Native:  3.65%

Black:  .7%

Asian:  .9%

Pacific Islander:  .41%

Two or more races:  5.79%

FRL: 57.79%      EL: 6.15%       IEP: 12.67%

What are the District and State Graduation Rates?

District Graduation Rates                                                                                        State Graduation Rates

2015-2016:  81.29%                                                                                                            2015-2016: 73.55%

2014-2015:  74.69%                                                                                                            2014-2015: 70.77%

2013-2014:  78.5%                                                                                                                   2013-2014:  71%

2012-2013:  78%                                                                                                                      2012-2013:  63%

Is LCSD accredited?

Systems Accredited through AdvancED.

What is the 5-year strategic plan for LCSD?

LCSD 5-Year Strategic Plan was approved October 25, 2016 for years 2016 - 2021 and can be found here.

Safety and Security Facility Upgrades in LCSD

2 months ago

Please excuse our dust as we make safety and security upgrades to our schools!

Background: In January 2017, Lyon County School District (LCSD) contracted an architect to evaluate and assess each of their 18 school sites with respect to Safety and Security with specific emphasis on Fencing and providing a secure Single Point of Entry.  More details on the work to be done can be found in the documents of the May 23rd Board Meeting in the board meeting archive.  The updates were also discussed at the following meetings: September 10th Board Workshop, November 15th, December 6th, January 24th, February 24th, March 18th Board Workshop and April 25th.

The architect was tasked with improving Safety and Security in the form of Perimeter Fencing and a controlled entry for each site. The process included walking each site, inside and out, listening to staff concerns, observing student interaction and circulation behaviors and identifying problem areas.  Based on feedback from site administrators, board members and the public this is a greater concern for the younger students. Therefore, the fencing is to be upgraded at each of the elementary and middle/intermediate school sites.

Perimeter Fencing

The following schools will receive enhanced perimeter fencing:

  • Cottonwood Elementary School
  • East Valley Elementary School
  • Fernley Elementary and Intermediate Schools
  • Dayton Elementary School
  • Riverview Elementary School (already in place)
  • Sutro Elementary School
  • Yerington Elementary and Intermediate Schools
  • Silver Stage Elementary and Middle Schools
  • Smith Valley Schools
  • Silverland Middle School (already in place)
  • Dayton Intermediate School

The goals of the Secure Perimeter Fence are to:

  • Define the perimeter of the campus
  • Add additional fence and gates to create a continuous perimeter
  • Replace fencing in areas where it is too short or damaged
  • Inhibit just anyone from wandering onto campus
  • Channel visitors to a Single Point of Entry. 
  • Secure the building(s) such that the main entrance is the only means to enter the building.

Full single point of entry

The following schools will receive a full single point of entry:
  • Cottonwood Elementary School
  • Fernley Intermediate School
  • Dayton Elementary School
  • Yerington Elementary School
  • Smith Valley Schools

Modified Single Point of ENtry & Buzz in with Camera:

The following schools will receive a modified single point of entry and buzz in with camera:
  • East Valley Elementary School
  • Fernley Elementary School
  • Riverview Elementary School
  • Sutro Elementary School
  • Silver Stage Elementary School

Before and After:

Please check here for pictures of the before and after progress of these projects.

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