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Safety and Security Facility Upgrades in LCSD

5 months ago

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Summer 2018 Projects

Cottonwood and Yerington Elementary School Kitchen Upgrades

  • Resulted in an increase of kitchen space and more effective serving lines.

Fernley High School Football Field Fence and Dirt Work

  • Repaired fence on the east side of the football field.

Fernley Bus Yard Parking Lot and Drive Repairs

  • Regraded and widened road to help reduce wear and tear of District bus fleet.
  • Expanded parking area to provide more room for buses to maneuver.

Fernley Elementary School Modular Installation

  • Replaced outdated modular with a modular for Pre-K students.
  • Expanded FES capacity for students in other grades.

Dayton High School Special Services Room Improvements

  • Removed existing kitchen appliances and counters to be in compliance with ADA.
  • Students will be better able to access kitchen area for life skills.
  • Similar project will be completed at Fernley High School next summer.

Dayton High School Locker Room

  • Sink/counter repair in girls’ locker room.

Smith Valley Schools

  • Water tank air gap and overflow replacement.

Professional Learning Center

  • Replacement of back steps in preparation for wood decking replacement.

Sprinkler and Other Water Line Repairs

  • Silver Stage Middle School athletic field major sprinkler repair.
  • Dayton High School water main and sprinkler repair.

Summer Student Workers

  • Weed Removal and Landscaping Renovations
  • Fire Lane Painting
  • Parking Lot Striping
  • Interior School Painting
  • Concrete Trip Hazard Grinding


Board Workshop September 10, 2016

  • Board met to discuss the best use of $6.4 million bond.
  • Focused on safety and security improvement opportunities.
Board Meeting October 25, 2016

  • Board makes decision to install Audio Enhancement SAFE System in Every Classroom throughout the District.

Board Meeting December 6, 2016

  • Board authorizes the District to request a Statement of Qualifications for an Architect to provide recommendations for safety and security upgrades throughout the District.

Board Meeting January 24, 2017

  • Board selects Berger Hannafin Architecture, LLP to design safety and security upgrades throughout the District.
  • Board authorizes the District to request a Statement of Qualifications for a Construction Manager at Risk to oversee safety and security construction.

Board Meeting February 28, 2017

  • Board selects CORE Construction to serve as the Construction Manager at Risk to oversee the safety and security upgrades.

Board Workshop March 18, 2017

  • Board discusses concerns with growth and the need to increase capacity at several locations throughout the District.
  • Board requests that the District, Architect and Construction Manager at Risk work to identify safety and security capital projects with the greatest benefit to the District.
Board Meeting April 25, 2017

  • Board authorizes the purchase of four modular buildings (eight total classrooms) to be placed at Fernley High School (two), Cottonwood Elementary School (one) and Sutro Elementary School (one).
Board Meeting May 23, 2017

  • Board approves all elementary schools to receive either Modified or Full Single Points of Entry, including secure perimeter fencing.
  • Board approves intermediate and middle schools to receive secure perimeters.
  • Projects to be completed over Christmas break 2017 and the summer of 2018.
  • Board authorizes the use of Bond Funding for upgrades to information technology infrastructure throughout the District.
Board Workshop September 12, 2017

  • Board discusses possible solutions to Fernley area capacity, including, but not limited to:
    • Expansion of core space at Fernley High School
    • Having 7th, 8th and 9th grades at Silverland Middle School
    • Reviewing how the District provide Pre-K services
    • Building an elementary school next to Silverland Middle School and restructuring which grades attend elementary schools in the Fernley area.

  • Board approves Phase 1 Modified Single Points of Entry projects for $524,000.00.
  • CORE Construction completes Modified Single Points of Entry at:
    • Sutro Elementary School
    • Riverview Elementary School
    • Silver Stage Elementary School
    • Silver Stage Middle School
    • East Valley Elementary School
  • Board approves Phase 2 Modified and Full Single Points of Entry projects for $1,570,000.00
  • Board discusses Fernley High School Gymnasium expansion and East Valley Elementary School addition as possible solutions to address Fernley area capacity issues.
  • Board authorizes the District to contract for the completion of a feasibility study regarding the facility needs of the Fernley Attendance Area.
  • Board authorizes the District to separate the Fernley Elementary School parking lot from the Hardie Lane Project.
  • Modified and Full Single Points of Entry and Secured Perimeter projects completed at:
    • Smith Valley Schools
    • Yerington Elementary School
    • Yerington Intermediate School
    • Dayton Elementary School
    • Dayton Intermediate School
    • Cottonwood Elementary School
    • Fernley Elementary School
    • Fernley Intermediate School
    • Completion of Fernley Elementary School Parking Lot, including lighting and safer drop off location.
    • MGT of America prepares initial feasibility information for Board review and input.

Thank you, everyone, for participating in AdvancEd survey!

about 1 year ago

We would like to take this chance to thank everyone for participating in the AdvancEd survey!  Below is a summary of the survey results.  These results were very useful in writing our District Performance Plan which can be found at the following links:

Lyon County School District Performance Plan and Summary

In addition, each individual site is also using the responses to write their school performance plans.

Thank you for your input!

Advanced ed survey results