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Parent/Guardian Survey Data - A Look at Lyon CSD

First page of the PDF file: ParentGuardianSurveyData-ALookatLyonCSD
PreK Enrollment for 2024-25 Now Open!

Applications Begin April 8, 2024 

For the 2024-2025 School year only those students whose parents meet at least one of the following requirements will be selected for possible enrollment in the LCSD Pre-K program:

  • 200% Poverty level based on Federal Guidelines 
  • Has a student(s) with Special Needs and requires an IEP 

Students must be 4 years old by August 1, 2024.
Notification to families of acceptance into the Pre-K classrooms will be in the later part of August 2024. 

Variances will not be considered until after October 7, 2024.

You can register your child online at

Please provide the following information during online registration or to the school site:

  • Proof of Income
  • Birth Certificate
  • IEP (if applicable)
  • Type of income documentation accepted:
  • Employer’s paystub
  • Welfare Support Documentation
  • Social Security, Retirement, VA Benefit Documentation
  • 2023-2024 W-2/Tax Return
Paper Tutors Are Here To Help

Lyon County School District (Lyon CSD) has partnered with Paper to provide unlimited access to trained tutors so every 7th to 12th grade student can ask questions, work through problems, and grow their confidence—at no cost to families.

Free 24/7 Tutoring + Writing Support
Reminder to all parents and teachers - you and your students have 24/7 access to Paper’s professional tutors! Go to and use login with your student’s school email. 

Paper in Lyon CSD

Thank you, Carson City Toyota!

On Thursday, October 12th, Carson City Toyota presented Carson, Douglas, and Lyon County school districts with a donation check. 

🚗 Carson City Toyota's generous donation supports local schools! Lyon CSD Superintendent Wayne Workman and Carson CSD Superintendent Andrew Feuling extend their gratitude. 🙏🏫 #CommunitySupport

Present for the photo were Lyon CSD Superintendent Wayne Workman (left) and Carson CSD Superintendent Andrew Feuling (right).

Thank you, Carson City Toyota for your commitment to our kids!

Lyon County School District International Economic Summit

Economics, finance, technology, creativity, teamwork, problem-solving, writing, speaking, debate, and design… This only begins to explain the plethora of activities Lyon County School District’s (LyonCSD) economic students have been exploring in the semester leading up to and on the day of the International Economic Summit in LyonCSD. Students from all Lyon County high schools will be representing countries from around the world and competing in a day-long International Economic Summit.

The Summit, originated by a university, has gained national recognition as one of the most effective educational programs available anywhere for teaching core, transferable career skills in economics, finance, and even technology. Students gain a multicultural understanding of how the world works and what they can do to prepare through this world meeting and trade simulation with the ultimate goal of raising the standard of living for their country.

The Summit has been around Lyon County School District since 2009. It began in Damon Etter’s classroom at Dayton High School (DHS) – Etter was an economics teacher for DHS prior to assuming other leadership roles in LyonCSD. Stephanie Fitch, the current economics teacher at DHS, continued the tradition of The Summit with her Economics classes, and eventually, the event has become a biannual district-wide tradition! The once small classroom project has become a district-wide event and will only continue to grow as other high schools and collaborators at the state level look to expand the summit into a larger regional and/or state event!

The Summit was originally introduced into LyonCSD classrooms because Etter believed International Economics was a difficult subject to teach – he felt there was a disconnect without a real-world application. Patrick Billings, teacher at Silver Stage High School (SSHS), adds, “It is hard for many students to see the connections and the worldwide implications. Many have never left northern Nevada and have no prior knowledge of the greater geography of the world.” He continues, “The day of the summit is always a huge success and it is awesome to see the engagement by students.” Etter believes it is a “dream come true” to see The Summit become a district-wide event because he believes it truly benefits students and their understanding of the topics that an Economics class addresses.

Since expanding from a classroom summit at DHS to a Disitrict-wide summit, LyonCSD has enjoyed the participation and support from the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) and other local businesses and partners who have participated in The Summit as Team USA and other volunteer roles.

Stephanie Fitch, current Economics teacher at DHS states, "I love that Summit has become a district event. This was Damon Etter’s vision when he brought the Economic Summit to LyonCSD. I am pleased I was able to keep the vision going until the rest of the district came on board. I’m very grateful to the LyonCSD leadership, both at District Office and the School Board, for supporting Economics as a separate class and for supporting the Summit."

The students, although likely exhausted after a day of solving the world’s problems, thoroughly appreciate that they can see a semester’s worth of hard work come together. Teachers and students alike agree that the Summit is a fun and challenging project where student teams represent the countries of the world. They compete to raise the standard of living of their assigned country by applying their knowledge and skills in problem-solving, international trade, finance, banking, debate, video production and even designing creative costumes and country displays. For the past few years, students have had the option of dressing in a costume representative of their country or professional dress. Since The Summit is usually an event with juniors in high school, this new opportunity to dress professionally allows them to practice preparing for real-world professional self-presentation.

Billings adds that “The day of The Summit provides a lot of value and soft skills with negotiating and talking to others, critical thinking skills, public speaking, etc.” Additionally, The Summit is an all-encompassing event where students are able to step into the shoes of those that reside in their chosen country and learn how they live, learn about their successes and struggles, and use this information to create a global proposal. Students are able to see the work of students throughout the district and get a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a global leader. Also, to be a successful team at The Summit, the students must be willing to collaborate, communicate and problem-solve with not only their team, but all teams participating. The Summit is a place where students can unleash their creative minds and show a variety of strengths. The Summit, in its entirety, is a tremendous experience where students are learning AND having fun.

This year's summit is being led by Patrick Whitehead, teacher at Fernley High School. Whitehead is an integral part of hosting the LyonCSD International Economic Summit in addition to all of the Economics teachers of the participating high schools and all of the community volunteers that dedicate their day to providing a successful summit. Scorekeepers and volunteers are made up of LyonCSD leadership personnel, LyonCSD Board members, local community leaders, and a handful of outstanding volunteers.

The next LyonCSD International Economic Summit will take place on Thursday, January 18, 2024!

We hope to see you there!

If you would like to volunteer or more information, please email Jim Gianotti - Exec. Director Secondary Curriculum or Patrick Whitehead - Econ Summit Leader and Teacher


Work-Based Learning: An Incredible Opportunity for Students in Lyon CSD

What is Work-Based Learning (WBL)?

Work Based Learn provides students in grades K-12 the opportunity to learn about, explore, and experience different careers and professions.   

Work-Based Learning (WBL) is an educational approach that bridges the gap between the classroom and the workplace.

It provides students with opportunities to gain real-world experience, develop job-related skills, and explore potential career paths while still in school. WBL programs are designed to connect academic learning with practical application, preparing students for success in the workforce and beyond.

Through work-based learning, students can engage in a variety of activities, including internships, apprenticeships, job shadowing, co-op programs, and more. These experiences allow them to:

1. **Apply Classroom Knowledge**: WBL enables students to apply what they learn in school to real-world situations. This practical application enhances their understanding and retention of academic concepts.

2. **Develop Career Skills**: Students gain valuable skills that are essential for success in the workforce, such as problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and time management.

3. **Explore Career Pathways**: WBL helps students explore different career options, giving them a clearer picture of what various professions entail. This exploration is crucial for making informed career choices.

4. **Build Professional Networks**: Students can establish connections with professionals in their chosen field, potentially leading to mentorships, job opportunities, and a broader understanding of the industry.

5. **Boost Confidence**: Work-based learning experiences instill confidence in students by allowing them to practice and refine their skills in authentic work environments.

Overall, WBL is a valuable component of K-12 education that prepares students for the transition from school to the workforce, ensuring they have the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to succeed in their chosen careers.

To create awareness around career paths and professions Lyon County School District hosted 7 career fairs; five of these fairs were held at the high school level, 2 at elementary schools, and 1 at a middle.  At each fair students were awarded the opportunity to speak with professionals, try out virtual reality technology, and participate in hands-on activities.  Attendees represented Nevada's in-demand occupations and traveled from across the state to inform our future workforce.  In addition to the career fairs, several local professionals donated their time to come into classrooms throughout the year to discuss their occupations, teach lessons, and answer questions students may have regarding their field.  

Lyon County School District has made the commitment to help students connect their classroom learning to authentic business and industry experiences.  Six students at Fernley High School volunteered to obtain IRS Tax Preparation Certifications and during the 2022 tax season donated their time to process taxes for 71 community members (this was at no cost to the taxpayer.)  

Smith Valley Schools has a working farm, and run several businesses related to the farm.  Each year students purchase poults in the spring, spend the next several months raising them and just before Thanksgiving process and sell the birds for Thanksgiving.  In addition to poultry, students also run and manage a greenhouse and honey business.  

Agricultural students at Yerington High run a very successful greenhouse, each spring the students sell off plants to members of the community.  

Students at Yerington High, Dayton High, and Fernley are studying to be nurses.  These students participate in clinical rotations at Northern Nevada Medical Center prior to taking their Certified Nursing Assistant exam in June.

Students at Dayton High this year purchased the materials to build a tiny home, once this home is completed they will auction it off to the community and use the proceeds to purchase the materials for their next home.  

Econ students from all 5 high schools participated in the Global Econ Summit.  This is a day-long event where students can use the skills they learned throughout the semester to foster international trade deals and build global relations.  

Students at Dayton High and Silver Stage High participated in a day-long Tool Rodeo with local independent electrical contractors.  This was a competition where the contractors taught students how to wire a light switch, with winning teams receiving prizes.

Some other noteworthy WBL experiences in LyonCSD:

Students studying Sports Medicine at Smith Valley Schools and Fernley High School assist with the taping, icing, and sports-related injuries at athletic events.  Seniors at Dayton High and Fernley High participated in a financial simulation where they were randomly assigned a credit score, spouse, and children.  Students then had to visit stations to pay bills based on their choices for housing, transportation, childcare, food and entertainment.  Students were unable to exceed their budget and had to analyze the spending choices they made.  These are just a handful of the many meaningful experiences students are gaining to help them discover their passion and become productive members of future workforces, and citizens of our communities.  

To further assist students in entering the workforce after college, military or high school Lyon County School District has placed an emphasis on assisting students in gaining Industry Recognized Credentials.  During the 2022/2023 school year students obtained over 400 Industry Recognized Credentials.  These credentials include OSHA 10, Certified Tax Preparer, various welding certifications, American Heart Association CPR, Stop the Bleed, Certified Nursing Assistant, CompTIA A+, ASVAB, and Heartsaver First Aid to name a few.  

While students in grades 11 and 12 can participate in Work Based Learning for credit, all students are welcome to and encouraged to participate.  If you have any questions or comments regarding Work Based Learning or Industry Recognized Credentials please reach out to Nicole Taylor, the Work Based Learning Coordinator at

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