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Conversion to Gmail

4 months ago

LCSD is converting to Google Gmail!

LCSD I.T. is hard at work completing the conversion from Microsoft Exchange to Google Gmail.  LCSD staff should use this page to guide them in the transition.



All of your email contents before the conversion to Gmail - emails, folders, calendars, etc. - will remain the same.  The only thing that changes is the way LCSD staff accesses their email.

Google Chrome is the recommended browser!

Please make sure you are using Google Chrome for your email needs to ensure the best experience possible.


Open Google Chrome!

Google Chrome takes you homepage, which is where all of your navigation begins from.

Follow these videos!

A playlist of these videos is available at the following link:

Reach out if you have questions!

We're here to help!


Tutorial videos to guide you through Gmail.

Google Support Page for Gmail

Click here for the Gmail support page.

Logging into Gmail

Make sure to use your and password for this email to login. 

Basic Navigation of Gmail

Please use this video once logged in to guide you as you navigate through Gmail, in addition to some basic personalization.

Creating an Event from Gmail

Basics of creating an event.

How to Compose a New Message in Gmail

Writing a new email from the Gmail platform.

Move, Archive, Delete Emails

Organize your mailbox with this video.

How to Create Labels in Gmail

Creating labels in Gmail.

Google Calendar

Tutorial videos to guide you through Google Calendar.

Google Support Page for Google Calendar

Click here for the Google Calendar support page.

Accessing Your Google Calendar

Finding your new calendar!

Basic Google Calendar Navigation

Basic navigation of your new calendar

Adding an Event to Google Calendar

Populating your calendar with events.

Adding Multiple Calendars 

Managing Email Notifications for Calendar

Share and Permission Settings

Manage your share and permission settings in Google Calendar with this tutorial.

Google Meet

The preferred platform for virtual meetings. 

Google Support Page for Google Meet

Click here for the Google Meet support page.

Google Meet Tutorial

A basic introduction to Google Meet.

Grid View for Google Meet

Customize your Google Meet session with Grid View

Take control of your Google Meet

How to Keep Students from Joining or Rejoining a Google Meet without You

Google Meet Nod Extension

Learn how to use emojis in your Google Meet sessions

Attendance Extension

Learn how to add an extension that allows you to take attendance in Google Meet - both videos to the right teach this.  You can pick one.

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